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Guangzhou City is the capital of Guangdong Provicne now, called “Sui” for short, and also known as “Sheep City” and “Flower City”. It is the biggest city in South China and the biggest port for foreign trade in the south of China, located in the central part of Guangdong Province. It is not only a famous hometown of many overseas Chinese, a famous historical and cultural city, but also one of the cradles of the ancient Yue nationality culture.
With green mountains, pretty waters, and beautiful scenes, Guangzhou City embodies perfect harmony between its natural landscape and places of cultural interest. The characteristic customs of the South, the long history and culture and the excellent services for business and tour make it become one of the major tourist cities in China.
Being in Guangzhou, you can relax your eyes and legs but you just cannot relax your taste buds! Guangzhou’s cuisine has won fame both at home and abroad. Food is an important part of Guangzhou in both its living style and its history.

Here, we have listed the most popular dishes and snacks, which are adored by the local people. If you have the chance when you’re in Guangzhou, do try some of them!

Guangzhou Food — the Top 10 Dishes and Snacks

1. Steamed Vermicelli Rolls
Steamed vermicelli rolls originated near Guangzhou. As early as a century ago, you could hear cries from people selling vermicelli rolls on the streets of Guangzhou.
Vermicelli rolls
A vermicelli roll is made from rice. Local chefs grind the rice into rice butter, then steam the rice butter into glittering and translucent pieces, which are then filled with pork, beef, shrimp, or other ingredients.
In Guangzhou, a vermicelli roll is a very popular homely food. It is described as being “white as snow, thin as paper, oily and shiny, appetizing and delicious”. This dish is offered everywhere in Guangzhou, from humble restaurants to the buffet breakfast served in your hotel.
Chinese: 肠粉
Recommended restaurant: Yin Ji Chang Fen Dian, 银记肠粉店
Address: 79 Shangjiu Road, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, 上下九步行街上九路79号

2. Wonton Noodles
Wonton noodles provide a refreshing meal that Guangzhou locals adore.
The wontons have a pork or shrimp stuffing that is wrapped in skins made of flour. The noodles are made only with egg and flour, and are squeezed with bamboo. The soup is cooked with pork bones or fish, but the detailed recipe is kept a secret by restaurants.
Chinese: 云吞面
Recommended restaurant: Zhuyuan Zhu Sheng Mian, 竹园竹升面
Address: 107 South Shibafu Road, Liwan District (near Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street), 荔湾区十八甫南路107号

3. Yum Cha — Morning Tea
Morning tea dishes
Yum cha is one of the most important parts of Guangdong’s traditional culture. Yum cha, which means “drinking morning tea”, is a pleasant pastime for the Cantonese and is an important part of the daily life of many locals.
Since its literal meaning is ‘drinking tea’, Chinese tea, which can help digestion, is naturally an indispensable part of yum cha. Common yum cha teas include oolong tea, Tieguanyin, and pu'er tea.
Dim sum plays a particularly important role in yum cha. Dim sum can be divided into wet and dry varieties. Dry dim sum includes steamed shrimp dumplings, steamed buns, cakes, and so on. Wet dim sum includes guilinggao (Chinese herbal jelly), porridge, and bean curd.
Recommended restaurant: Guangzhou Jiu Jia, 广州酒家
Address: 2 Wenchang South Road, Liwan District, 荔湾区文昌南路2号

4. Tingzai Congee — “Congee on the Boat”
The name tingzai congee means “congee on the boat”. The name also indicates the origin of the dish: in the old days, the dish could only be prepared and eaten on a boat that was floating in a river.
Tingzai congee uses fresh shrimp or fish as the main ingredients, with jellyfish, fried peanuts, egg, green onion, and ginger. A bowl of well-prepared tingzai congee must be soft and sweet, and contain a concentrated flavor of all the ingredients added.
Chinese: 艇仔粥
Recommended restaurant: Mei Wei Xiang Mei Shi, 美味香美食
Address: 42–44 Baohua Road, Liwan District, 荔湾区宝华路42–44号

5. Hefen — Cantonese Rice Noodles
Cantonese rice noodles
Hefen, also called shahefen, is a popular rice noodle dish in Guangzhou. Hefen is made in a similar way to steamed vermicelli rolls, but the rice dough is cut into long narrow strips. Hefen can be fried, cooked with soup, or served cold and dressed with a sauce.
Chinese: 河粉/沙河粉
Recommended restaurant: ShaHe Fen Cun, 沙河粉村
Address: Yuntai Garden, Guangyuan Middle Road, Baiyun District, 白云区广园中路云台花园

6. Clay Pot Rice
Clay pot rice
Clay pot rice originated in Guangzhou. To cook the dish, put washed rice and water in a clay pot and cook it until it’s medium to well-cooked, then add other ingredients and cook them together. You can choose the ingredients for your dish, such as cured meat, pork ribs, chicken, or beef.
A well-cooked dish of clay pot rice should have two highlights: one is the crispy rice crust and the other is the seasoned soup. Depending on your taste preferences, you can pour the soup on the rice or use the soup to soften the rice crust.
Chinese: 煲仔饭
Recommended restaurant: Hao Cai Clay Pot Rice, 好彩煲仔饭
Address: 44 Beijing South Road, Yuexiu District, 越秀区北京南路44号

7. Roast Goose
Roast goose
There is an old saying in China: “Roast duck in northern China and roast goose in southern China”. You may have heard about or tried Beijing roast duck, but the roast goose in Guangzhou is also worth a try because of its appetizing red color, crispy skin, and juicy flesh.
The best way to eat the roast goose is to put cranberry sauce on the meat, which provides a sweet and sour flavor, and can make the dish less greasy.
Chinese: 烧鹅
Recommended restaurant: Tao Tao Ju, 陶陶居
Address: 20 Dishifu Road, Liwan District, 荔湾区第十甫路20号

8. Double-Layer Milk Custard
Double-layer milk custard
In Guangzhou, double-layer milk custard is the most favored dessert for young ladies, and it is also a tasty, nutritious, and digestible dish for everyone else. A bowl of milk custard has an aromatic smell and delicate taste.
Just as its name suggests, the dessert has two layers: fresh milk is the top layer and the mixture of milk with egg white is the lower layer. Generally, people eat the dish with other ingredients, such as fruit, raisins, or sweet beans.
Chinese: 双皮奶
Recommended restaurant: Ren Xin Lao Pu, 仁信老铺
Address: 362 Beijing Road, Yuexiu District, 越秀区北京路362号

9. Tangbushuai — Glutinous Rice Balls
Tangbushuai is a pastry of glutinous rice balls. The snack has an interesting name, which means “sugar never be shaken off”.
Making this snack is easy. Knead cooked glutinous rice flour into balls, boil the balls with syrup, and then put some fried and ground peanuts or fried egg shreds on them. The taste is crispy, smooth, and sweet but not greasy.
Chinese: 糖不甩
Recommended restaurant: Fen Fang Tian Pin, 芬芳甜品
Address: 619 Tongfu East Road, Haizhu District, 海珠区同福东路619号

10. Jiangzhuangnai — Ginger Milk Pudding
Jiangzhuangnai is a dessert made from milk and ginger juice. The name of the dish is also interesting, meaning “ginger runs into milk”.
It has a unique flavor, which is savory, mellow, sweet, and slightly pungent. It can warm your body and prevent colds.
Chinese: 姜撞奶
Recommended restaurant: Shawan Nainiu Huanghou, 沙湾奶牛皇后
Address: Shawan Ancient Town, 沙湾古镇
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