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Lanzhou, referred to as "LAN" or "Gao", formerly known as Jincheng, is the capital of Gansu Province, an important industrial base and comprehensive transportation hub in northwest China approved by the State Council, one of the important central cities in western China, and an important node city in the Silk Road Economic Belt. By 2018, the city has jurisdiction over five districts and three counties, with a total area of 13,100 square kilometers, and an built-up area of 321.75 square kilometers, with a permanent resident population of 3,753,600 and an urban population of 3,041,500, with an urbanization rate of 81.03%.

Lanzhou in gansu province is located in the northwest of China, the central, is located in the geometric center of China land territory, is China's northwest comprehensive transportation hub of railways, highways, aviation, war zone west of the Chinese people's liberation army army compound, is also a Chinese part of the new asia-europe continental bridge, one of the five central cities in western important regional trade center and modern logistics base, enjoy the "silk road town", "the pearl of the Yellow River", "Summer Palace" in the west, "the water wheel", "melons city" reputation.

Lanzhou is an important town on the ancient Silk Road. As early as 5,000 years ago, human beings lived and multiplied here. In the Western Han Dynasty, the county government was established, which means "Golden City soup pool" and was called "Golden City". In the early Sui Dynasty, it was changed to Lanzhou, which was called Lanzhou at the beginning. Since the han to the tang and song dynasties, with the opening of the silk road, the silk, tianma, east and west, gradually become the important traffic main artery of the silk road in lanzhou and commercial port town, important will contact of the minority and the link, is the Yellow River culture, the silk road culture, central plains culture and west culture the important intersection.