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The English foreign teachers employed by our foreign teachers company are all from European and American countries. They teach one-on-one with pure European and American foreign teachers. Their accent is very pure, and they will not have their own local accent problems. And every foreign teacher also has relevant English qualification certificate and rich English teaching experience. Offline foreign teachers teach one-to-one, which is more targeted to students.


Foreign teachers not only have pure spoken English, foreign teachers also know a lot of Chinese, so students should not worry about foreign teachers in class, they can't understand and can't communicate with teachers. In class, if you don't understand, you can ask the teacher at any time. The teacher will answer patiently, which can ensure the efficiency of class and the quality of class experience.


Foreign teachers' offline teaching materials refer to the European common language Framework (CEFR) standard, and introduce the original European and American textbooks to China. In addition, there will also be a teaching material research and development team to develop suitable course materials for each student, so that students can learn English easily and in a planned way.


Our foreign teachers company adopts offline one-to-one teaching. There are fixed foreign teachers in class. The time and place of class are determined by the students themselves. Foreign teachers can come to teach, saving the time of transportation. Each foreign teacher's teaching has its own characteristics, which makes it easier for teachers and students to understand each other. The teacher will make corresponding teaching adjustments according to the students' English level, so as to make the children's English learning easier.