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Guilin is in the north of Guangxi. The population in the city of Guilin is more than six hundred thousand. There are famous and beautiful sceneries in Guilin.

If you come to Guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. Every year many tourists come to Guilin for a visit. You can take a boat to see the scenes of the Li River. You can also visit the scenic spots in the city on free buses.

You will enjoy yourself if you go to Guilin.




Guilin lies in the north of Guangxi. There are more than 600,
000 people in the city. Guilin is famous for its beautiful sceneries in the world.

ff you come to Guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. Many tourists come and visit Guilin every year. There you can take a boat to see the scenes of the Li River and visit the scenic spots in the city on free buses.

Welcome to Guilin for a visit.



欢迎来桂林参观。 桂林各景点英文简介象山景区:Xiangbi Shan
(Elephant Trunk Hill)

This hill resembles an elephant sucking water. The Elephant Eye Rock perches high up the hill, with a hole running through it from left to right. Between the elephant's trunk and the body is a big round hole. It's reflection in the water is the exact image of the full moon, and hence its name" water Moon Cave". On the cliff there are more than 50 pieces of carved inscriptions belong to different periods. At the moonlight night, you will feel yourself merged with the moon in the sky, the moon in the cave and the moon at the river bottom. It is a symbol and landmark of the city.

芦笛岩英文简介Ludi Yan
(Reed Flute Cave)

Described as "Art Palace of Nature", the stalagmite and stone flowers of grotesque shapes in the caves create breathtaking spectacles which are really a feast for the eyes. Half way up the Brightness Hill, Reed Flute Cave is seven kilometers northwest of the center of Guilin. There used to be a special kind of reed growing outside of the cave which was an ideal material for making flute. Inside the U-shaped Karst cave are a large number of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, and stone flowers, all glistening in colorful lights. In a distance of 500 meter between the entrance and the exit, there are more than 30 interesting sights, including " Pine in the Snow", "Mushroom Hill","Virgin Forest"… The Reed Flute Cave is justifiably called the " Art Palace of Nature".

叠彩山英文简介Diecai Park
( Hill of Folded Brocade)

It earned its name due to the fact that its fault layers look like pieces of piled brocades. Standing on the top of the hill, you will get a panoramic view of the city.

伏波山英文简介Fubo Shan
(Whirlpool Hill)

Standing magnificently on the side of the river, this hill is so called because it serves to stem the torrents coming down the surrounding higher ground in summer, thus forming whirlpools. At its foot is Huan Zhu Dong ( Returned Pearl Cave).

七星公园英文简介Seven Star Park

East of the Li River, Seven Star Park derives from the Seven Star Cave, is one kilometer away from the downtown. It occupies more than 40 hectares, which is the largest, most beautiful multiple park in Guilin. The park boasts of the green hills, crystal water, fantastic caves and beautiful rocks.
The ancient Floral Bridge straddles at the southern entrance. Hidden-dragon Cave near the southern gate houses the Forest of Stone Inscriptions. To the east of Seven-Star Hill stands the Camel Hill, at the foot of which the US president Bill Clinton once made a public speech on environmental protection in 1998. Besides, the Seven-Star Cave, the zoo and potted landscape Garden are worthy of being seen.

靖江王墓、尧山英文简介The Jingjiang Mausoleum

The Jingjiang Mausoleum is located at the foot of Yao Mountain in the eastern suburb of Guilin. It is a mausoleum for a royal family - the Jingjiang Family in Ming Dynasty whose eleven generations were buried. Moreover, there are more than 300 tombs covering 100 square kilometers, making up the biggest ancient tomb group in south China. The well-preserved tombs have become important relics of culture and history in Guilin.

独秀峰英文简介Duxiu Feng
(Solitary Beauty Peak)

It rises sheer from the ground inside the palace in the center of the city. It has acquired a fame of "the Pillar Holding up the Southern Sky" because of its majesty. The climb to the top is steep but there are good views of the town, the Li River and the surrounding hills. On the eastern cliff there remains giant engraved characters by the Qing dynasty calligraphers.

西山公园英文简介Xishan Park

The West Hill Park, a mile from downtown, is located in the western part of the city. The park holds the West Hill, Hidden Hill, and City Museum. Around the hills is a lake, by which stands a temple called Xi Qinglin. It has been frequented by pilgrims and tourists ever since the Tang Dynasty. On the cliff there exist 200 statues and frescos.

榕湖杉湖英文简介Banyan Lake and Fir Lake

Banyan Lake and Fir Lake are two pieces of emerald embedded in the downtown area. Back in the Tang Dynasty, they were part of the city moat.
The one in the east was called Fir Lake owing to the fir trees growing around, while the other was called Banyan Lake thanks to a giant banyan guarding the ancient city gate that enjoys a history of 1,000 years.
Around the lakes grow bamboo groves, peach and cassia trees. Zigzagging bridges lead to the small islands dotting on the water. Though located in downtown, the lake areas are beautiful and quiet.

穿山公园英文简介Chuanshan Hill
(The Pierced Hill)

The Tunnel Hill is situated in the southeast. A round hole through the Chuanshan Hill is in the shape of a full moon, hence the name. A pagoda built in the Ming dynasty stands at the top of a neighboring hill. A branch of the Li River winds through the park.