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上海新纪元Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School



20-25K month salary Provide housing
  • Junior school
  • High school
  • Free apartment
  • housing fee
  • subsidies
  • Working visa
  • Insurance
  • airfare
  • conveniently situation
  • Free Chinese classes
  • IB course
  • A Level course
  • Wifi
  • The gym
  • Supermarket
  • Dining room
  • Bar
  • Hospital
School Introduction

Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School (NEBS) is awarded as the Top 100 Chinese Private School in 2017.

Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School is located on Chongming Island with fresh air, beautifulenvironment, British architectural style buildings and pure international atmosphere. Shanghai New Epoch Education Group invested approximately 1.5 billion to construct a brand-new international, digital-age, ecologically friendly international campus - Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School. Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School receives full support from the Group in strong academic strength and management system, and also has quality educational resources in Shanghai, and numerous international exchange channels.Three schools comprise Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School: Primary school, Middle school and International High School. We implement the Shanghai compulsory education curriculum in Primary and Middle school where the graduates are going to high school in Shanghai or around China. An American curriculum is implemented in the International High school where the graduates will go to world-famous universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.,Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School pursues the fusion of Chinese and western educational concepts. Our aim is to cultivate young citizens and talents with international vision, patriotic spirit, healthy body and artistic mindset. Our goals are: to obtain stable values and rational attitude; to grasp core knowledge and ability required in twenty-first century; to develop an athletic spirit and sports habits for a lifetime, to develop a pure, aesthetic sense and spiritual nourishment.A unique feature of Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School is the integration of Chinese and western educational concepts. Chinese curriculum and American curriculum experts developed an adaptable and personalized curriculum. Co-teaching by Chinese teachers and American teachers,

  • Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements

Native speaker;Two years teaching experience in bilingual school priority; Having the experience of organizing and undertaking large-scale activities priority;

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